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  • Salahuddin Toofani (1948 – 8 March 2008) was a Pakistani actor, primarily seen in comedy roles, who rose to prominence on stage and television during the 1970s and achieved fame in the early 1980s as a member of the Saturday Night Live-styled sketch comedy TV series Fifty Fifty.

    A native of the northwestern Sindh province, Salahuddin was born in its fourth-largest city, Larkana, and began his acting career upon moving to the provincial capital and nation's largest city, Karachi. Starting as a performer on Radio Pakistan, he was seen in several stage and television productions as well as in films, including Dhamka, Ladla and Aik Aur Aik Giyara.[1]

    Salahuddin Toofani died in Karachi at the age of 59