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  • Saifuddin Bohra سيف الدين بوہرہ (Saif Bhai) Son of Hassan Ali Adam Ji Bohra, (born 16 May 1933, died 15 August 2007) in Quetta, Pakistan. He was the author of five books. Saifuddin Bohra was a political activist in the National Awami Party of Pakistan (NAP). He was an active worker and member of the Central Committee of the party. He was also a close friend of Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenjo (Baba-i-Baluchistan).
    Aisa bhi hota hei, (edited by arif yawari) autobiography (published 2005)
    Awagon short stories, (edited by arif yawari)(published posthumously 2006)
    Aurat teri kahani, (edited by arif yawari)(published 2007)

    a book on women's history and gender studies

    Bechain rohain, a book on theology and a study of the history of religion
    Zameen, insaan aur mazhab, a study of relationships of human beings with mother earth and religio