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  • Sahiwal (Punjabi and Urdu: ساہِيوال‬‎) is a city in Punjab, Pakistan. It is the managerial focal point of Sahiwal District, and used to be that of the previous Sahiwal division. Sahiwal is around 180 km from the real city Lahore and lies amongst Lahore and Multan. With a populace of 207,388 (1998 Pakistan Census), it is the fourteenth biggest city in the Punjab and the 22nd biggest city in Pakistan.

    A little town on the Karachi-Lahore railroad line amid 1865 was named Montgomery after Sir Robert Montgomery, at that point Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab.[2][3] Later, it was influenced the capital of the Montgomery To region. Its name was restored as Sahiwal in 1967 after the Sahi tribe of Kharal Rajpoots who are the local occupants of this region.

    The city is in the thickly populated district between the Sutlej and Ravi waterways. The key yields are wheat, cotton, tobacco,[4] vegetables, potato[5] and oilseeds. Cotton merchandise and lacquered woodwork are made