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  • Rajanpur (Urdu: راجن پُور‬‎), may be a town and therefore the headquarters of Rajanpur District within the way southwestern a part of Punjab, Pakistan. The district lies entirely west of the river. it's a slender, thirty two kilometres (20 mi) to sixty four kilometres (40 mi) wide strip of land sandwiched between the river on the east and therefore the Sulaiman Mountains on the west. It had a population of forty two,986 in 1998.[2]

    Rajanpur was supported in 1732-33 by Makhdoom sheik Rajan crowned head,[3][4] from whom the city's name derives.[5] sheik Rajan established Rajanpur in a region that he had captured from Nahar tribesmen.[3] The settlement remained a mostly unimportant village till flooding in 1862 severely broken the near district headquarters at Mithankot - resulting in the transfer of presidency offices to Rajanpur.[3] alittle clinic clinic was established in Rajanpur that very same year.[6] Rajanpur was then deep-seated as a municipality in 1873.[