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میری وفا کا تقاضہ کے جاں نثار کروں
اے وطن تری مٹی سے ایسا پیار کروں
میرے لہو سے جو تیری بہار باقی ہو
میرا نصیب کے میں ایسا بار بار کروں
خون دل سے جو چمن کو بہار سونپ گیا
اے کاش ان میں خود کو شمار کروں
مری دعا ہےسہیل میں بھی شہید کہلاوں
میں کوئی کام کبھی ایسا یادگار کروں

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#Alarming: For those who think sudden campaign on Social Media regarding #WaterCrisis is just a normal issue. Google Earth images in the post are of Hanna Lake near #Quetta, #Balochistan. With in time span of 10 years the lake went dead. #KalaBaghDam #SaveWaterforPakistan

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Ramzan Spirits. #FCBalochistan proudly serving the people. Glimpse of Iftaar arranged by #FC for the people and travlers in all the #Balochistan #Baleli #Quetta

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What a #gesture.... #CM Balochistan, cabinet members, mayor #Quetta launched cleanliness campaign

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  • Quetta (Pashto: کوټه‎; Balochi: کویته‬‎; Hazaragi: کوٹه‬‎; Urdu: کوئٹہ‬‎; [kʷɛʈə] About this sound elocution (help·info)) is the commonplace capital and biggest city of Balochistan, Pakistan.[4] Quetta was to a great extent devastated in the 1935 Quetta tremor, yet was reconstructed and now has a populace of 1,001,205 starting at 2017[3] while the Quetta District has a populace of 2,275,699.[5] Quetta is at a normal height of 1,680 meters (5,510 feet) above ocean level,[6] influencing it Pakistan's just high-elevation to real city. The city is known as the "Organic product Garden of Pakistan," because of the various natural product plantations in and around it, and the extensive assortment of leafy foods organic products created there.[7]

    Situated in northwestern Balochistan close to the Pakistan-Afghanistan fringe, Quetta is an exchange and correspondence focus between the two nations. The city is close to the Bolan Pass course which was once one of the major