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  • Qilla Saifullah (Urdu: قلعہ سیف اللہ‎) is a city in Qilla Saifullah district, Balouchistan. The town mostly consists of small mud and brick houses, corner shops, with some small industries. The city is situated at a height of 2,768 ft. During winter it is very cold especially in Kan Mehterzai and during summer it is very hot.

    Qila Saifullah is famous for its fertile soil producing fruits and vegetables.There are numerous apple and apricot orchards exporting fruits to other provinces.The export of vegetables like tomato, carrot and chillies is done commercially on roads and adding enormous share in the agriculture produce of the country. The livestock breeders in Killa Saifullah produce much livestock share for meat and milk purpose for Balochistan province especially Quetta and Zhob divisions.