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  • Qazi Abdul Majeed Abid or Qazi Abid (Urdu: قاضی عبد ل مجید عابد ‎), was the father of Former National Speaker Fahmida Mirza[3][4][5] and Newspaper Editor Kazi Asad Abid. He died under various circumstances on 31 August 1996. He was a prominent politician and journalist from Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. Qazi Abid held several positions in the Federal Cabinet of numerous Pakistani Prime Ministers. His positions included Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Federal Minister of Education, Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture, and Federal Minister for Water and Power.[6] He was the publisher of the Daily Ibrat, a Sindhi newspaper, which is still published by his son Qazi Asad Abid. His excellence in the field of journalism was recognized formally when he was awarded the Writers' Forum Award in 1985.[7]

    Qazi Abdul Majeed Abid, along with his brother Qazi Muhammad Akbar (Qazi Akbar), are generally regarded[by whom?] as the patriarchs of the Qazis of Hyderabad.