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  • Orya Maqbool Jan[1][2][3][4][5] is a columnist, CSS officer and an analyst.[6][7][8] He was born in Gujrat and did L.L.B from University of Balochistan of Kashmiri descent. He appears on TV and writes column in leading Urdu newspapers. He has worked as deputy commissioner, district magistrate of three districts and managing director of Baluchistan water and sanitation authority and Director of Social welfare, which is for Human rights and Women's development.[citation needed]

    He is writer of following dramas:[9]

    Roazan in 1991
    Gardbad in 1993
    Shaharzad in 1994
    Qafas in 2000 and
    Qafla in 2004

    He is writer of following books:

    Harf-e-Raz (collection of columns)
    Qamat (poetry), 1988
    Gardbad (play)
    Mujhey hey Hukme Azan (collection of columns)