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  • 'Ayatollah Mufti Jafar Hussan' (Urdu: مفتی جعفر حسین‎) was born in 1914 A.D in India. His father Hakeem Charagh Deen took over his son to his uncle Hakeem Shahab-ul-deen with the responsibility of teaching his son the basics of Islam. His uncle started teaching him Quran and Arabic at the age of five till the age of seven. Moreover, he also started learning Hadith and fiqh at the age of seven by other scholars. He got good hold on the subjects of Hadith-e-fiqh and Arabic.Then he went to Lucknow with Mirza Ahmad Ali Marhoom to learn more Islamic education from Madrassa-e-nazmia from many teachers.There he got many prizes and got famous due to his wisdom. After getting education there nine years he went to Houza-e-Najaf-e-ashraf, Iraq in 1935. There he gained much knowledge from many scholars including Hazrat Syed Abu al-Hassan Esfahani for five years. Then he came to his city Gujranwala and started preaching the teachings of Islam.

    Mufti Jafar Hussain was a Pakistani