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  • Mohsin Abbas Haider (Urdu: محسن عباس حیدر‬‎) is a Pakistani singer, actor, writer and host.[1] He started his career as RJ at a radio station in Faisalabad. Later he moved to Karachi to learn singing art and improve his career at NAPA. He made his debut song "Bay Parwah Dhola" composed by himself, video directed by Nabeel Qureshi.[2] In 2012, Mohsin was nominated for Best RJ category in Pakistan Media Awards. He also appeared in several TV shows as a host and as a voice over artist. In 2014, he appeared in his debut film Na Maloom Afraad playing the lead role of Moon along with Fahad Mustafa and Javaid Sheikh. He featured in CokeStudio9 and sung "Uddi Ja" which is written by himself and composed by Jaffer zaidi.[3] He is currently a DJ in Dunya News show Mazaaq Raat.