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  • Mirpur (Urdu, Punjabi: مِيرپُور), all the more usually known as New Mirpur City, is the capital of Mirpur locale and is the biggest city of Azad Kashmir. The city itself has experienced a procedure of modernization, and a large portion of the encompassing zone stays agrarian. Mirpur is known for its great structures and vast lodges, principally subsidized through its exile group, which comes for the most part from Europe (particularly the United Kingdom), Hong Kong, the Middle East, and North America. The fundamental product developed amid summer is millet and heartbeats. Notwithstanding, different harvests, for example, wheat, maize and vegetables are likewise developed. The create of value rice from the paddy fields of Khari Sharif between Upper Jhelum Canal and Jhelum stream is extremely well known and prevalent for its fragrance and taste. The generation of power from Mangla Dam gives the vitality needs to Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Northern Punjab.

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