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  • Mian Muhibullah Kakakhel is the youngest practising Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court (equivalent to Queen's Counsel in England and Wales) in the history of Pakistan and the former candidate for the presidency of Pakistan.

    During the regime of General Zia ul Haq, the President of Pakistan (1977–88), the smuggling, sale and use of heroin was at its highest. The drug addicts were not only increasing but the majority of them were dying because of a lack of treatment and attention from society. Other diseases like hepatitis, HIV-AIDS etc. were also on the increase. Kakakhel formulated a social plan for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. He launched an organisation called Society for Medical Care and Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts (SMARDA). The society was totally funded by Kakakhel. He faced great resistance, enmity and threats from drug purchasers including threats to his life and some actual attempts at his life. The society served its purpose to some exte