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  • Mehrun Nissa Hassan commonly known as Mehr Hassan is an American actress, model and classical dancer. She is the daughter of religious theologian Riffat Hassan. She was born to a Pakistani mother and an Indian father, named Hassan. Mehr is settled in Louisville, Kentucky though has performed in films in both India and Pakistan. She received her master's degree from University of Louisville.

    Mehr started her dancing career as a stage performer in United States. During her college years she visited India during the summer break and began her film career in a Tamil film called Anbe Diana where she played the title character. During her stay in India she also studied at the Kishore Namit Kapoor Institute. She continued to work in films while studying in college, that included award-winning films such as "Diwali" and "Dreams". It was on the sets of Diwali that Samina Peerzada approached her for her film. Mehr went to Pakistan and joined Samina Peerzada for