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  • Matyari or Matiari (Urdu: مٹیاری‬‎) is the capital city of Matiari District, Sindh, Pakistan.

    Matiari is the one of most established regions of Sindh. The Dargah of Pir Sayed sakhi Hashim Shah badshah is situated in Matiari. Matiari is outstanding for its frozen yogurt and Ajrak (a Sindhi dressing). Matiari word is gotten from Muthal OR Mat-yari, implies connection with the pots made with mud so as to keep the water cool. It has been recorded by the historian[who?] that in the antiquated circumstances business troops go through along these lines as it was given sanctuary to spare them from warmth of sun and furthermore game plan for the pots for frosty water, that is the reason the place slowly known as a Mat-YARI implies companion dispatch which the pots produced using mud