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  • Malik Siraj Akbar (Urdu: ملک سراج اکبر‬‎) is a Baloch journalist based in the United States. He is the editor-in-chief of the Baloch Hal[1], the first online English language newspaper of Pakistan's Balochistan Province, Enkaar[2], a liberal Urdu language news magazine, and a contributing writer for The Huffington Post. He lives in exile[3][4][5] in the United States.

    In 2010–11, Akbar was a Hubert Humphrey Fellow at Arizona State University while in 2012, the National Endowment for Democracy (N.E.D), a Washington DC-based organization, awarded him a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellowship where he researched the political assassinations, enforced disappearances and attacks on journalists in Balochistan.[6][7] He was a 2014–15 Edward Mason Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government where he was elected as the Vice President of Communications at the Kennedy School Student Government.[8] He served as the web editor[9] of Kennedy School's student newspaper, the Citizen