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  • Liaquat Ali (Urdu: لیاقت سولجر‬‎ ‎; 1952 – 30 March 2011), better known by his stage name Liaquat Soldier, was a Pakistani stage and television comedy actor, writer, and director. Born in 1952, Soldier started his acting career in 1973. He featured in over 250 plays and co-starred with many famous theatre personalities, including the likes of Moin Akhtar, Furqan Haider, Umer Sharif, Hanif Raja and Shahzad Raza.[1] He came from a modest, low-income family of Marwari background in Karachi. Soldier’s unusual last name was given to him by his friend Nazar Hussain, a stage artist.[1] Channels for which Soldier worked included Geo TV, SAMAA TV, Dhoom TV, Metro, Hum TV and ARY Digital. Overseas, he worked in the United States, Dubai and South Africa.[1]