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  • The Kuchi or Afghan Shepherd dog is an Afghan livestock guardian dog, taking its name from the Kuchi people of Afghanistan.[1] It is a working dog following the nomads, protecting caravans and flocks of sheep, goats, camels and other livestock from wolves, big cats and thieves. It is sometimes known as just a local variant of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog and its status as a distinct breed is disputable.

    Sage Kuchi or Sage Jangi is the standard Persian name, and the Pashto name is De Kochyano Spai or Jangi Spai, meaning "Dog of the nomads" and "Fighter Dog". It is found around the central and northern parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the surrounding regions in Central Asia. This Mountain dog shares similar genetic background to the Central Asian Ovtcharka (CAO).

    Because the dog is intricately associated with nomad life in remote and rugged regions where Western breeding techniques are not used, it is difficult to identify a "true" Kuch