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  • Colonel Khan Muhammad Khan (Urdu: کرنل خان محمد خان) was a prominent soldier and politician in Poonch, serving in the Legislative Assembly (Praja Sabha[1]) of the princely state of Jammu & Kashmir until 1947. Later he served as the Chairman of the War Council during the 1947 Poonch Rebellion (regarded as the "War of Independence" by the Poonchis).[2]Khan Muhammad Khan was born in 1882, in a village called Chhachhan (now Khan Abad) in the Sudhnuti tehsil of the Poonch jagir. He belonged to an elite Sudhan family.[3]

    After learning Quran at home, he went to school in Kahuta (Rawalpindi district) at age 10. After the completion of primary school, he joined the British Indian Army in 1902.[3]

    Khan participated in World War I, receiving the Indian Distinguished Service Medal (IDSM).[3] He retired from the Army with the rank of Subedar-major.[4][5]

    After retirement from the army, Khan was employed as the police inspector of Poonch by the Raja Baldev S