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  • Kaveeta (Urdu: کویتا) (born as: Nasreen Rizvi), is a Pakistani film actress who is known for films Tere Mere Sapne (1975), Society Girl (1976 film), Mohabbat Aur Mehngai (1976),[1] Kabhi Kabhi (1978), Muthi Bhar Chawal (1978), Mian Biwi Razi (1982) and Qasam (1993).

    She has mostly worked in films produced and directed by her more renowned elder sister Sangeeta. Kaveeta worked in almost 70 films during her 18-year career from 1974-1993. In 1993, she quit the Pakistani film industry and decided to settle in the USA.[2]

    She is also the aunt of British American actress Jiah Khan