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  • Kandhkot (Sindhi: ڪنڌڪوٽ‎, Urdu: كندھ كوٹ‬‎) may be a town and tehsil in Kashmore District within the Sindh province of Pakistan.[1] The Kandhkot is that the seventh largest town in Sindh Province and fourteenth, in Pakistan. Kandhkot Anaj Mandi is claimed to be the second largest grain market of Asia. Its construction is that the third largest construction in Sindh Province, and 12th, in Pakistan. Kandhkot construction has recently received the acceptance of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board). The city, village and cities of Kandhkot: one. Kandhkot (City) a pair of. Kashmore (Town) three. Tangwani (Town) four. Karmpur (Town) five. Ghouspur (Town) half-dozen. Bakhshapur (Village)

    Population of Kashmore District. 1. Kandhkot Population five Lacs a pair of. Kashmore Population ninety three,050 3. Tangwani Population thirty,000 4. Karmpur Population twenty six,000 5. Ghouspur Population twenty two,000 6. Bakhshapur Population nineteen,000