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  • Jamshoro (Sindhi: ڄام شورو‎), (Urdu: جامشورو‬‎), is a city and capital of Jamshoro District, Sindh, Pakistan. Jamshoro, the site of biggest University private grounds in the nation, arranged around 18 kilometers from Hyderabad on the correct bank of River Indus, was a fairly destroy uneven track until the point when 1955 when it was chosen for the foundation of Sindh University Campus. The site was chosen to be a University township far from the dull of Hyderabad city which needed space to meet the goal-oriented extension projects of the University.

    Jamshoro is for all intents and purposes the entryway to the Indus Valley, now world-celebrated for its human progress and rich social legacy. The Ranikot Fort is found 40 km. toward the north of the grounds, in the northward continuation of the same uneven track which move toward becoming Laki Ranges, converging with the Khirthars northwards. Amri, a vital archeological site, lies around 15 km. promote north. Sehwan, a notable to