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  • Hyder Bux Jatoi (1901-1970) was a revolutionary, leftist, peasant leader in Sindh, Pakistan.[1] He is known by his supporters as "Baba-e-Sindh" (Father of Sindh). He was also a Sindhi writer and poet. He was for many years the president of the Sindh Hari Committee (Sindh Peasants Committee), a constituent member of the National Awami Party.[2] The singer & revolutionary activist of Sindh Jiji Zareena Baloch was always quoted Comrade Hyder Bux Jatoi before singing his "Jeay Sindh aen jeay Sindh, Jam-e-Muhabat pieay Sindh" and "Paan Kkay haan aazad ghurjay watan" poetry.Hyder Bakhsh Jatoi was born on October 7, 1901 in Bakhodero village near Mohenjo-daro in Larkana District. Deprived in infancy of motherly care and love[citation needed], he was brought up by his father and aunts. Soon after, on completing his primary school, the young lad joined the Sindh Madarsah School at Larkana, where he topped the list of successful examinees every year. He topped t