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  • Ghayyur Akhtar (5 October 1945 – 7 February 2014) was a radio, television, film and theater actor from Lahore, Pakistan.[1][2] He began his acting career in the late 1964–65 with Radio Pakistan. He was known as "Hameed Bhai (O Ho Ho Ho)" from his performance on the television serial Sona Chandi and Chacha Barkat from Radio Pakistan because of his "O Ho Ho Ho" dialogue. He worked as a writer, actor, director and producer.[3] He shifted his career to television in the 1980s and earned fame on PTV classic serials like Sona Chandi, Khawaja and Son, Waris and soaps like Ainak Wala Jin.[4][5] He also appeared in mainstream cinema in Direct Hawaldar (1985),[6] but television drama remained his major field.[1] In recognition of his services in media, writer and columnist Munnu Bhai wrote two columns called "Gir-e-baan" in his honour. He also appeared on the Din News political talk show Wah Wah as a Chaudary for over a year. Akhtar was decorated with a Pride of Per