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  • Fatima Begum (11 February 1890 – 1958) is a revered woman of the Pakistan Movement. She was born to a noble family of Lahore. She was the daughter of Munshi Maulvi Mehboob Alam, who owned the newspaper Paisa Akhbar, famed and named for costing just one paisa.

    Begum received her early education at home and went on to complete her master's degree from Punjab University. She then became a teacher at Lady Maclagan School.

    In 1908, the Islamic Association of Women was established. Begum Shafi was its first president and Fatima Begum was appointed as its general secretary. In 1921, she was married into a respectable and noble family of Hazara. But after only a few years, her husband died, and she returned to her father's house in Lahore. She was appointed as an honorary Inspector of Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

    Soon after that, upon advice from Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, she visited Lahore to raise the status of All-India Muslim League's logo