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  • Danish Taimoor (Urdu: دانش تیمور‬‎) (born 16 February 1983) is a Pakistani actor and model. He began his career in 2005 and appeared in "Mystery Series" (Do saal baad, Dracula); both episodes were directed by Imran khokhar and aired on Indus Vision. He is notable for his role in Urdu drama series' and telefilms in Pakistan.[1] Notable dramas include Haseena Moin's Meri Behen Maya, Mannchalay, Jab we Wed, Shert, Sari Bhool Humari thi, Aik Pal and Mehreen Jabbar's Rehai. He made his film debut in Jalaibee in March 2015, directed by Yasir Jaswal.[2]