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  • Begum Mahmooda Salim Khan (May 1913 – June 2007) was a Pakistani social worker, early political figure and a former cabinet minister in West Pakistan.Begum Salim Khan was born in 1913, in Amritsar, Punjab, in then British India, the eldest daughter of the Punjabi aristocrat and renowned Unionist Party statesman, Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan and his first wife, Begum Zubaida Khanum, of the Hayat Khattar family of Wah.[1]

    After her mother's death in 1919, she was raised by her aunt and educated at the Aligarh school for Muslim women and the Queen Mary's College, Lahore.

    In 1934, she was married to Khan-Sahib Abdus Salim Khan, Tarin,[2] of Talokar, eldest son of the prominent North-West Frontier Province leader, Khan Sahib Abdul Majid Khan Tarin, OBE; her husband was a civil servant in the Government of British India and later a member of the diplomatic service of the new state of Pakistan from 1947 onwards, and for the early part of her life she focussed chiefly on