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  • Athmuqam or Athmakam (Urdu: Nastaliq‎) could be a city regarding seventy three kilometres from Muzaffarabad, in Azad geographical region. it's the headquarters of Neelum District. Its population is regarding twenty,000.

    The city is accessible by Neelum road from Muzaffarabad. All the essential requirements of life ar offered there. there's a market and post workplace. Banks, hospital and phonephone exchanges also are gift. variety of guest homes for accommodating guests and Tourists.

    University of AJK Neelum field is additionally situated within the city having departments of applied science, earth science and English. There ar 2 degree faculties one for women & one for Boys. non-public faculties like Neelum Institute of Science & Humanities (NISH) & colleges like Owasia academic Academy ar providing quality education.

    Office of the Deputy commissioner & Assistant Commissioner, Superintendent of Police etc. ar gift.