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  • Mohammad Asghar Khan (Urdu: اصغر خان‬‎ 17 January 1921 – 5 January 2018), was a Pakistani politician and an autobiographer, later a dissident serving for the cause of pacifism, peace, and the human rights.[3]

    Born into a military family, Asghar Khan briefly served as an officer in the Indian Army before being deputed to the Royal Indian Air Force as a military adviser in 1941— he was later drafted in the air force as its commanding officer in the Asian front of the World War II.[4] After the partition of India in 1947, he chose to join the Pakistan Air Force and subsequently secured promotion as a three star rank air force general where he was appointed to command the air force at the age of 36 in 1959– the youngest officer at the command level in the military at that time. In 1965, his dissenting opinion with Gen. Musa Khan, the army commander, over the area contingency plans and vetoing the decisions to go on war with India eventually led to his replacement with Lt-Gen. Nur