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  • Arif Hussain Al Hussaini (Urdu: علامہ عارف حسين الحسينى‬‎) (November 25, 1946 - August 5, 1988) was a Shia leader in Pakistan, of the Shia Turi Pashtun tribe.Arif Hussain al-Hussaini was born on 25 November 1946 in the Village Piwaar of Kurram Agency, Parachinar into the house of Fazal Hussain Shah. His family belongs to the Husseini branch of Syeds, which trace descent to the fourth Shi'a imam, Zayn al-‘Ābidīn. The specific local branch name was Duparzai. Arif received his primary education at his home town government primary school and later went on to Parachinar to complete his matriculation. Later he got admission into the Madressa Jafria Parachinar from where he went to the Iraqi city of Najaf for further studies, where he also studied under Ayatollah Khomeini in Iraq. In 1973 he returned home and married, and a year later went to the holy city of Qom, Iran to join the Hauza Ilmia. In 1975 and 1977 he went on Haj. Due to the his involvement [clarification needed] in Kurrum Ag