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  • Amir Mohammad Khan also known as Nawab of Kalabagh ({{|نواب کالا باغ‬}}) was a prominent feudal lord, politician and the chief of his tribal estate Kalabagh, in Mianwali District of north western Punjab, Pakistan.[2]Amir Mohammad Khan received his college education at Aitchison College, Lahore and then went on to finish his education at Oxford University in England.[2] He belonged to and was the chief of the Awan tribe of Punjab, Pakistan. He also served as Governor of West Pakistan from 1960 to 1966.[1][3][4]

    'Nawab of Kalabagh' was a courtesy title granted personally to only one Awan tribal chief of Kalabagh area in Mianwali District of northwestern Punjab, Pakistan, I.e the late father of Amir Mohammad; and is in no way generally applicable . Amir Mohammad Khan had also served as a member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab from 1956 – 1958.[5