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  • Abdul Raziq Bugti (1952 – 27 July 2007[1]) was a Pakistani politician.Bugti's political career started in 1960s. He was president of Baloch Students Organization in 1968. In the following years, he joined with Baloch separatist groups. In the 1970s, he fought in a guerilla war in Balochistan.[2] Before the insurgency, he was also a member of National Awami Party. After the war, he went into self-exile in Afghanistan and lived many years in Russia. In 2003, he backed the military-backed Pakistani government, in their development of and the military operations in Balochistan. He was spokesperson of province and media consultant to the Chief Minister of Balochistan Government.[3On 27 July 2007, about 4:15 PM; he was gunned down on Zarghon Road 200 metres from Chief Minister’s House in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan,[2] the same spot where several high-post government officials were attacked in the past; Justice Nawaz Marri, a High Court judge and Nisar Hazara former provincial mi