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  • Abdul Ghafoor Bhurgri (Sindhi: عبدا لغفورڀرڳڙي ‎) (January 1921 - 10 February 2015), was a lawyer, writer and politician from Larkana PakistanStudent Politics

    In his student life, he joined the Muslim league, as a true soldier of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.[8] He started his political career at C & S College Shikarpur then Bombay University, by forming of Muslim Student federation and then became its president. He was amongst the freedom fighters from his early life.[9]

    Muslim Leageue

    He started his political career from Muslim league[7] and had his political affiliation with Muslim league leader & former Chief Minister Sindh Qazi Fazlullah Ubaidullah & Bhurgri also developed association with former Chief Minister Muhammad Ayub Khuhro in Khuhro's last days.[10]

    Secretary All Sindh Adabi Conference

    He not only took part in politics from the platform of the Muslim League, but also devoted his time to literary activities