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  • Major Abdul Gani (c. 1919 – November 11, 1957) was a Bengali military officer,[1] who is considered the co-founder of the East Bengal Regiment Gani was born in Nagaish village of Brahmanpara Upazila, Comilla District, Bengal (now in Bangladesh). He studied in Comilla, and later in Calcutta, where, in 1940, he graduated from Calcutta Islamia College.Abdul Gani joined the British Indian Army in 1941, during the Second World War. He was commissioned as a lieutenant and fought in the Burma sector. As a mark of his courage, he was nicknamed "Tiger Gani".[1]

    Following the Partition of India, he was promoted to the post of captain in 1948. He was in charge of one of the Pioneer Companies of 1st East Bengal Regiment. He retired from the Army in 1954 Gani joined politics in 1954 and became a member of the East Pakistan Provincial Assembly as an independent candidate. During his tenure, he was instrumental in proposing the foundation of a Cadet College in East Pakistan.[1] He