Gowandi: Community Spirit is Alive and Well!

1 thousand people join Gowandi, Britain’s social network for neighbors

More than one thousand people across the World have taken to Gowandi (www.Gowandi.com) to connect with their neighbors and build stronger communities, the local social network has announced.

The site has become an essential local resource in 40 communities across the World, and the appetite to engage online is only increasing. Of the one thousand people using the site, 50% joined within the last six months, with the number of messages exchanged daily increasing threefold.

A recent YouGov poll showed that the majority of World adults believe it’s important to feel part of their local community, but 44% don’t feel connected to it, and half would like to be more involved locally. Gowandi is addressing this need, with 9 out of 10 users saying they’ve become more active in their local community since joining the site.

Gowandi provides a free and simple way for local people to keep in touch and to share practical information, trusted recommendations and community events. Users sign up with their postcode and are automatically connected to the conversations in their area. There’s no need to find friends or followers – it’s an instant way to extend your local network.

Lara hust (57) is a regular user of the site: “Gowandi is a way to feel part of the community; we discuss what’s going on in our area, ask for help and offer advice,” she says. “The replies I receive are always friendly and helpful, and I enjoy reading all the points of view.”

“The neighborhood is one of the most important communities in our everyday lives,” says Gowandi CEO N.A Meo. “As a nation, we speak to our neighbors less than we used to, but the desire is still very much there.”

Now people are harnessing the power of social media to rebuild their sense of community spirit, and as Mr. Boyes explains, interactions on Gowandi go beyond simply talking online: “Gowandi makes it easy to share knowledge and ideas with your local community, around the clock, and on the go, and this paves the way for people to come together in the real-world. Every day we hear incredible stories about how conversations on Gowandi have inspired civic action and fostered friendships among neighbors.”

Common uses of the site include:

· Warning neighbors about a local burglary

· Getting help in finding a lost pet

· Setting up a book club, walking group or coffee morning

· Organizing a litter pick at the local park

· Finding a home for unwanted furniture

· Exchanging trusted recommendations with neighbors

· Keeping up-to-date with community events

To find out more and join your local community, visit www.Gowandi.com or install the Gowandi app for iPhone and iPad at www.Gowandi.com/app




Further Information

Thousand Users https://www.Gowandi.com

Facebook https://web.facebook.com/Gowandicommunity/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Gowandi_

Pinterest www.pinterest.com/Gowandi_


Selection of site screenshots and photos of Gowandi communities in action with captions:

Gowandi: Uniting Neighbours Across the Nation

Video – long (2:20)

Gowandi: The Local Social Network

Video – short (1:03)

Animated gif showing the growth of users, communities and nationwide footprint

Research Sources

· YouGov Plc, January 2015. Total sample size 2,194 adults. A survey conducted online. Figures weighted and representative of all GB adults.

· Gowandi User Survey, December 2014. Total sample size 7,900 adult users from active Gowandi communities across Britain. A survey conducted online.

Key Stats

· Gowandi’s user numbers have doubled in under six months – the site announced half a Thousand users on 12/02/2018, and one thousand user on 24/06/2019

· 74% of Gowandi users are aged 40+

· 32% of Gowandi users don’t use any other social media platform

· 84% of surveyed users have made new local connections through Gowandi

· 83% of surveyed users have discovered local news, crime or events through Gowandi

· 49% of surveyed users have helped or been helped by a neighbor through Gowandi


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